How to approach teacher work days

How to approach teacher work days Beginner Teacher Series: Part 2

How to approach Teacher Work Days Welcome back to my Beginner Teacher Series! The time to start preparing for the new school year has begun. With less than a month away, the pressure and anxiety of getting curriculum, materials, decor, etc is increasing by the day. If you are working at a school like mine, you will have […]

A Guide to Being a Beginner Teacher: Blog Series

First year teacher series Guide to being a beginner teacher

New to this whole teaching thing? You’ve come to the right place. Hey there, teachers! Whether you’re a beginner teacher or a seasoned pro, welcome to my blog series dedicated just for YOU! No matter your subject area, you’re in the right spot because these posts are for everyone. Every year, I see beginner teachers […]

The #1 Thing You Need As A First Year Teacher

The number one thing you need as a young teacher is... Beginner Teacher Series: Part 1

Hey there! Welcome to a brand new series dedicated to a very specific group of people.  This series is for the first year teachers about to enter the education profession. If you aren’t brand new, by all means please stick around and see what may benefit you here!  So, you just got your first job […]

Costa Rica Itinerary Project

Hola, hola 🙂  I am crushing this whole “1-2” posts a month thing right now and I have been itching to get this one out because I get to talk about and share my favorite project idea I have ever had…..ever!  This project was designed for a Spanish 2+ classroom and contains MANY scaffolds. I […]

OFLA 2024 – Authentic Resources

Hey there! If you are visiting this page because you attended my OFLA presentation this year about authentic resrouces, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR COMING!!! There were so many great presentations to choose from so I am so grateful that you chose mine.  If you happened to land here and you didn’t attend, well I […]

Spanish Podcasts in the Classroom

New blog post Podcasts in the classroom

Hey there!  It’s been about a month since my Running Dictation post went a little viral (over 2,000 unique views in a month is viral for this small blog!). While I could probably write a controversial blog post each month filled with hot takes about teaching, I figured it was time to lighten it up around here […]

Spanish Semester Exams For ALL Levels!

Semester Exams for All Levels

It’s officially December! The year is wrapping up and so is the first semester of our language classes. If your school is anything like mine, we give end of semester exams. There are a lot of different ways you can go about giving exams. For me, I prefer to give projects whenever possible.  Don’t get […]

Spilling the tea on #actfl23

Spilling the Tea on ACTFL 23

Last week, I attended the ACTFL 2023 Convention in Chicago! I was a first time attendee and was able to experience things at this conference that I never thought I would get to see. If you have never attended this conference before, you should try to make it happen in your career! I was the […]

Teaching on TL Memory Lane

This past weekend I embarked on my maiden voyage to ACTFL 2024 in Chicago, where I spent countless hours learning from presenters and mingling with internet friends. I also gave my first ACTFL presentation, Teaching on TL Memory Lane, with my wonderful amiga, miss Musicuentos herself, Sara-Elizabeth Cottrell. In December, she asked me if I would listen […]