OFLA 2024 – Authentic Resources

Hey there! If you are visiting this page because you attended my OFLA presentation this year about authentic resrouces, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR COMING!!! There were so many great presentations to choose from so I am so grateful that you chose mine.  If you happened to land here and you didn’t attend, well I […]

Spanish Podcasts in the Classroom

New blog post Podcasts in the classroom

Hey there!  It’s been about a month since my Running Dictation post went a little viral (over 2,000 unique views in a month is viral for this small blog!). While I could probably write a controversial blog post each month filled with hot takes about teaching, I figured it was time to lighten it up around here […]

Teaching on TL Memory Lane

This past weekend I embarked on my maiden voyage to ACTFL 2024 in Chicago, where I spent countless hours learning from presenters and mingling with internet friends. I also gave my first ACTFL presentation, Teaching on TL Memory Lane, with my wonderful amiga, miss Musicuentos herself, Sara-Elizabeth Cottrell. In December, she asked me if I would listen […]

PD for Profes: Professional Development for World Language Teachers!

PD For Profes: PRofessional Development for World Language Teachers I hope this blog post reaches you at a time where the kids are out of your classroom and you are recharging from the insanity that was the 2022-2023 school year. If you are like me, you have been on break for a few days and […]

Conference Season: How to prepare and thrive at a conference like a pro!

Conference Season: How to prepare and Thrive at a World Language Conference Like a Pro! Last week I went to Central States 2023 in my hometown of Columbus, Ohio. This was my second Central States conference and my 5th in-person World Language Conference overall and was hands down the best conference I have ever attended. […]

CSCTFL 2023 – #authres in ADI classrooms!

Using #authres in an Aquisition-Driven Instruction Classroom Last week was a DREAM! From being awarded Ohio Beginner Teacher of the Year for the OFLA organization to having dinner with some of the most incredible people from Kansas, #langhcat, and curriculum companies….I really needed someone to pinch me at times! CSCTFL is hands down the best […]