CSCTFL 2023 – #authres in ADI classrooms!

Using #authres in an Aquisition-Driven Instruction Classroom Last week was a DREAM! From being awarded Ohio Beginner Teacher of the Year for the OFLA organization to having dinner with some of the most incredible people from Kansas, #langhcat, and curriculum companies….I really needed someone to pinch me at times! CSCTFL is hands down the best […]

Explore Languages and more at COSI

Explore Languages at COSI

Exploring Languages in Columbus, Ohio It’s been a hot minute…or six months…but still! I could explain why I haven’t blogged in six months in great detail, but I will summarize it in 3 sentences. I was sick all of January and then again in February with Covid and the flu. March and April were mental […]

Things in my classroom that just make sense!

Friends, the school year is underway and I am THRIVING (except for my immune system)! This change was so needed and I feel excited to go to work again. The feeling of dread and sadness is gone and was replaced with the jubilation of being a teacher again. My coworkers are the nicest people I […]